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Why Hire a Service Member

As Americans, it is important that we take notice of the work and commitment of our military personnel and rightly honor and respect all that they do to protect and uphold our way of life. They serve in a capacity that few are willing and able to do, and while they are enlisted, they develop skills and habits that make them exceptional workers when they return to civilian life. This is particularly true in the energy industry. Teamwork and carrying one’s weight are vital skills learned in the military. Soldiers learn how to look after their fellows and work together to complete difficult tasks. 

Vets tend to have a more developed and focused work ethic than the average civilian. In the military there is simply no time to be lazy. Most vets love the idea of learning new things and proving to themselves and others just how capable they are. Vets have a tendency to be able to retain more information on things, especially processes and procedures. Most vets have learned to embrace difficulty and stress as part of their job, so presenting them with challenges often leads to a heightened degree of persistence and perseverance. 

Some vets walk away from their military service with skill sets that are exceptionally valuable in the energy field. They often leave with advanced skills with software and technology, heavy equipment, and tools that are common to many energy jobs. A vet’s problem-solving abilities are often learned in the field, where necessity makes it imperative that they come up with creative solutions to seemingly insoluble problems. We all know how things can change in an energy project and how quickly it can happen. Vets tend to roll with the changes better than average and just shift their way of doing things to accommodate the current situation.    

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