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Meet our Team

Veteran Education & Transition Services forged relationships, developed communications and establish ongoing support from the US Military’s Armed Forces Veteran’s Affairs and National Veteran Employment Outreach services and in July of 2017, the program was re-launched.

Jesse Lord

Jesse Lord

Co-Founder, Veteran Education and Transition Services
Account Executive, Accelerated Revenue Managment Solutions
Jesse Lord served in the United States army for 8 years. Throughout his Career and as a senior weapons sergeant with the 7th special forces he Was formally recognized and awarded for his contributions, dedication and leadership 19 times.

Including the bronze star medal for his exceptionally meritorious service during combat operations in Afghanistan Throughout operation freedom’s sentinel and resolute support Mission. Jesse transitioned back to civilian life and a career with A.R.M. Solutions’ in November of 2016 and currently assist many marketers manage their accounts receivable and collections processes effectively. He immediately became active on various industry committees and quickly identified a huge need in our industry…one that could benefit his fellow us military veterans. We need bright, hardworking and loyal employees! So, in addition to working for A.R.M. Solutions, Jesse is now also the cofounder of vets2techs, our industry’s liaison to united states military veterans. Connecting companies seeking solid employees to the veteran community seeking employment. Their mission is to provide our industry support, guidance and education on the benefits and rewards of hiring our us military veterans who dedicated their lives for our freedom.
Gerry Brien

Gerry Brien

Co-Founder, Veteran Education and Transition Services
Senior Vice President, The TankSure Program
Gerry Brien is the Senior Vice President of Consumer Focus™, a marketing firm that specializes in developing strategic communications for the home heating oil and propane industry. Gerry has nearly two decades of experience in helping energy companies of all sizes across the U.S. take their businesses to the next level by using creative marketing to boost sales and increase profits. And his expertise doesn’t end there. In addition to Consumer Focus, Gerry is responsible for the sales and marketing efforts of the TankSure® Program, an industry-standard environmental protection program, ServicEdge™, a unique business consulting and training service, and P3 Propane Safety, a propane compliance and safety management program.

In 2015, Gerry helped co-found Vets 2 Techs. Recognizing that the oil and propane industry was in dire need for good help, Gerry saw an opportunity with returning veterans. Vets2Techs marries veterans seeking employment with oil and propane companies seeking candidates that are loyal, hard working and dedicated. In addition to helping veterans find careers in the oil propane, Vets 2 techs helps education guidance and support to the industry on the benefits of hiring a veteran, Gerry resides in Milton, MA with his wife and three daughters. Gerry received his bachelor’s degree from Bryant University in Smithfield, RI.
Leo Verruso

Leo Verruso

Co-Founder, Veteran Education and Transition Services
General Manager, Advanced Fuel Solutions, Inc.
Leo Verruso currently serves as General Manager of Advanced Fuel Solutions (AFS), and has over 30 years of experience in management roles within the industry.

Established in 1996, AFS is a fuel additive manufacturer specializing in supporting clients with fuel quality programs & custom private label program development. AFS serves clients in the petroleum wholesale, fuel dealer, fleet and renewable fuels marketplace.

In addition to his position at AFS, Leo is the co-founder of Vets2Techs, established to connect technically skilled veterans to our industry, to help provide a stream of talent to fill the personnel need in the areas of fuel driver, technician, logistics, and leadership.

Leo is a board member of New England Fuel Institute and Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association.
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