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Are you a veteran looking to make the jump to a new corporate career path? Many skills learned throughout your military career are often seen in corporate America embodied in mission and vision statements. Cooperate America find that veterans with teamwork, communication and leadership are the most valuable skills learned and sought after in a new employee. From the first day of boot camp until the day you separate from the military, these skills are present. 

Most military occupational specialties are extremely specialized and very difficult to translate into civilian job descriptions. There are not many companies that advertise for tankers or Blackhawk crew chiefs. You have to dig deep in some cases to pull out skills that corporate America relates to or recognizes. Vets2Corp helps you focus on the positions you held with leadership, teamwork or communication roles. Think about the position you are applying for and figure out how some of these core skills that you learn in the military are applied to that position. 

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